You Want A New Roof, Not A Big Mess.

It’s a challenge many homeowners face: finding a roofing contractor they can count on to go the extra mile.

A contractor who will do a great job on your roof AND protect your flower beds and shrubs from getting smashed by ladders and beaten down by falling shingles and old nails. One who won’t linger on your property and leave a big mess behind.

You might be wondering: Do contractors like that exist?

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You Need A New Roof No Mess® – Recommended Roofing Contractor.

Contractors who take customer satisfaction seriously use a state-of-the-art piece of equipment called the Equipter. With it, they can deliver a New Roof No Mess promise to their customers.

They’re the only roofing companies we feel confident recommending to you.

Contractors recommended by New Roof No Mess do the job the way it should be done –without wearing out their welcome. Why would you have it any other way?


“I would definitely recommend a New Roof No Mess contractor to our friends. We found them to be very reliable, very thorough, and when they were finished with the project, our property was as clean as when they came.”

– Greg & Marty

“Clean up was excellent. Our lawn, flowers & shrubs survived without mishap. The new roof looks great.”

Lee & Debra Sanders

“We were most impressed with the workmanship and speed. The cleanliness was phenomenal.”

Bud & Cindy Echterling

“The Equipter provided such a clean jobsite while also protecting our gardens and landscaping.”

Dave & Toni Collick